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Some people think space can be a lonely and impersonal place, but not here at Space. We don’t do contact forms because we like to talk to people and find out what’s on their mind and what they might need help with. So give us a call or send us an email - anyone one of us - and let’s start a conversation.

If the choice below is too much, then please contact Grace from Space at grace@betterworkspace.co.uk

Head Cases_

  • Tim Wadsworth

    Managing Director

    Tim has a passion. Tim has a dream. He can’t stop helping create stunning workspaces that let companies be the very best.

    The founder of Space loves his work and loves the South West.

    He honed his property skills across various business environments and has a depth of knowledge mixed with a clear understanding of what different people are looking for in a workspace move and transformation, meaning that he has an incredible track-record of not only delivering brilliant office and workspace designs for clients but saving them money too!

    This year’s midlife crisis revolves around triathlons and extreme swimming events.

  • Grace Platt

    Operations Manager

    Enthusiasm and energy mixed with focus and attention to detail can only mean one thing. Grace is in the building.

    Grace is the dream operations manager and ensures we stay true to our no nonsense, seamless way of working within Space and with all our clients.

    With a background in banking and finance, and a love of dancing the night away, Grace wields considerable influence within the corridors of power at Space. Incredibly organised in her work, she also bakes wonderful cakes.

  • Chris Harris

    Build Manager

    Space is a company packed with leaders and Chris Harris is no exception.

    After a nine-year career in the Armed Forces, Chris transitioned seamlessly into his role as Build Manager at Space.

    Chris is someone who likes to see the result of what his work has achieved for others. As he says: “I’m relishing the opportunity to put my leadership and command experiences to good use, delivering a better workspace for everyone. Space is giving me the opportunity to make people happier in their workspaces which I love."

    When not at work, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and children, taking advantage of the West Country again after returning home from years away.