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We have developed an approach, borne out of years of experience, that delivers exceptional results, allowing our clients’ businesses to flourish and staff to thrive. It's not about being prescriptive, because everyone is different. It's about understanding our client's needs and working with them to help realise their goals.


We immerse ourselves in your business to ensure we provide the best advice and solutions. Scoping provides a snapshot of you business. We inspect your workspace, speak to people within the organisation, measure and observe. The information gathered provides a platform to progress in the right direction from the start.


Based on the initial scoping, we deliver planned solutions tailored to each client. We use our experience to short cut your decision making process, making the process simple and effective. Throughout the planning phase we interrogate and question to make sure we deliver the best result. And we always work diligently to get the best prices and agreed timescales with suppliers.


Every project is different. We never impose a corporate style or specific approach on a business. We are constantly curious, keeping up with trends and research, helping to inform key decisions. Staff wellbeing and productivity can be influenced by their workspace, so it is important to factor in your employees as much as the practicalities of room dividers, lighting and furniture. Our approach is always collaborative, making sure the solution gives you the best results for your business.


We work on the full range of projects, from complex office moves with tight timescales, to smaller one-off projects to improve an existing space. We operate ‘best in class’ management systems to ensure successful delivery of projects, on time and on budget. We take a measured and calm approach and believe the project should be stimulating and enjoyable with client engagement at each stage. Our experienced managers use cloud based tools to manage, support and report without barriers.


We care about our clients and how they live through a project. We work with teams who hate change and we support them through the process to minimise their discomfort. Every business has people who embrace change. We need them to be our project champions. For others, it’s about helping people feel secure and focusing on the small details. And it’s always about listening and understanding. For some, a move or change can provide the impetus to bring about new work practices or fresh starts. For others, the project needs minimum fuss, minimum distraction.